Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey


1. How would you rate the final outcome of this project in general?

2. How would you rate our professionalism?

3. Were you satisfied with the progress on a daily basis?

4. How do you rate our on-time delivery performance?

5. Reference to the service quality, how would you rate our practice in the following areas?

Communication skills

Clear expression

Understanding of your design

Timeliness of question or proposal


6. How well is the final product quality, and how would you rate our practice in the following areas?

Fineness of the model meeting your needs or expectation

Integrity on the rendering effect or style

Expressive force of your design


7. When our performance or project is not to satisfaction, has our solution or response been agreeable?

8. If there is a big mistake, delayed delivery or unsatisfactory final result, what do you think is the reason? (can choose more than 1 option)

9. Is it likely that you will return to do business with us?

10. Would you recommend us to your friends?

11. Say anything you want

12. Rate us.

Thanks for your valuable time!