Our Process


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Step 1:Gathering Assets

First thing we need to have is your information which includes the following:

  • Requested view
  • CAD files (.dwg format)
  • Colors and material samples
  • Landscape style
  • Time of day
  • Desired timeline
  • Final output required (Web, Brochure, or Hoarding etc.)
Step 3:colors,Materials,Landscape,andLighting.

We now have applied the colors and materials as well as the final lighting and landscape to the scene.

At this stage we can change the colors or materials as well as make adjustments to the landscape appearance. As mentioned in stage 2, we can no longer change the viewing angle without a change order.  We typically allow 2 rounds of revisions at the color stage.

A link with the color proof will be emailed to you as at the grayscale stage for commenting. Please email us again when your comments are complete.

Step 4:Approval and Delivery

Once everything has been approved, we will be gin to render the image(s) to high resolution.

Each rendering can take 4-8 hours each to allow all the 3d effects and lighting to process.  Please allow us ample time to render to high res for you. If you have a deadline, we need to know about that in advance as mentioned in step 1.

Once finished, we will send those to you upon completion via email or dropbox for you to download.

Step 2:First Grayscale model is Delivered

This is the first view of the model in order to check the architecture and the viewing angle.  Please be very sure of the viewing angle for approval as we cannot go back and change it at color without additional charges.  We typically allow 2 rounds of revisions at the grayscale stage.